You Inspire Us

Company Profile

We’re changing the face of the insurance industry with a team that represents all Canadians and reflects the diversity of the country we live in.

We Think BIG

Growth is who we are. We aim to be better, so that we can make insurance better. Everything is designed for disruption and built to scale.

You Inspire Us

In Our Community

To build a nationally recognized insurance brand designed to empower brokers and lead the digital insurance revolution. Values:- What drives our company forward and leads to the results we see.
You Inspire Us

Group Insurance

By Integrating workplace wellness programs can act as an excellent preventative wellness measure for your organization. This can help increase productivity, reduce sickness, improve engagement, reduce absenteeism and enhance your recruitment and retention strategies. This can significantly reduce group benefit costs.
You Inspire Us

We Take Care Of Our People

We show our BIG hearts by supporting our colleagues, clients, and communities. We’re kind, professional and polite, especially in tough situations. We always look for the win-win solution
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